Art Brereton

“Building a new home is a very difficult and stressful process, and picking a General Contractor is the most important part of that process. Unfortunately the expectation is that it will cost twice as much, taking twice as long as the Contractor says. Even then, it is usually a very painful experience.

When I first met Roger I was struck by his eagerness to build my house, his commitment to building a home of the highest quality, and his desire to make this process an enjoyable one. When he mentioned that he counts many of his former clients as friends, I was skeptical. However, I found that Roger’s word was his promise and that he built my house on time and within budget. I was very ‘hands-on’ during the build, constantly questioning him about how and why he was doing things the way he was. I also suggested ‘other ways’ to do things and monitored costs very closely. Roger actually said he never had a client who was ‘so involved’ which was very diplomatic on his part.

I was certainly impressed that he ‘delivered’ on his promises on time and on budget and the quality of the product exceeded my expectations (which were very high to begin with). His contractors follow his same standards, and they have a loyalty to him that ensures they will not let him or the client down. However, what impressed me most was Roger’s personal work ethic, honesty, and commitment to do his very best. He is the type of person I would want to teach or coach my children. I feel very lucky to have had Roger build my home and consider him a good friend that I can count on to help whenever I ask.”

Nanette & Harold Renn

“As they say at Widing Custom Homes, ‘We build each home as if it were our own.’  Believe me, that is not just an old slogan.  It is fact.  I testify from experience.  Roger guarantees the end product for years beyond his competitors.  However, I know of no builder that can actually be classifed a true competitor.  Without a doubt, I believe that Widing Custom Homes equates the best Building Contractor within Michigan – or perhaps the USA.  All of his sub-contractors work with an expertise that well exceeds craftsman status; they represent the proven excellence of experience.  Our most heart-felt thanks to Widing Custom Homes!”

Mark & Nancy Malinowski

“We want to tell you what a wonderful experience it was dealing with you, your subcontractors and staff.  From start to finish, every detail was handled expeditiously and meticulously.  The house is truly our “dream home” come true, thanks to all of you.  Roger, your attention to detail, coordination of every aspect, and daily presence on the jobsite made us feel totally comfortable having the house built while we lived 250 miles away.  When asked if we would recommend Widing Custom Homes, we both offer a resounding ‘YES’!  Thank you for all you did to bring our home to it’s beautiful conclusion.”

Pam & Charles Brickey

“Having now moved in and spent our first months in our new vacation summer residence, Pam & I wanted to drop you a note of deep gratitude.  After deciding to turn our beautiful cottage location into a luxury summer residence, we wondered if we could find the craftsmanship and attention to detail we were looking for. Your company has provided that objective and more.  Most luxury home builders I have used meet your expectations.  What is unusal about Widing Custom Homes is you didn’t just meet our expectations, you exceeded them.

Thanks for all of your work and effort as well as the efforts of your team.  We look forward to enjoying many happy years in our new residence and hope you and Karen will be a part of them with us.”

Kevin & Marilyn Boland

“I am personally especially impressed with the high level of workmanship exhibited by all the trades on our job. From the carpentry to the masonry, to the flooring and tile, to the electrical, or to the plumbing, it’s obvious you’ve been able to partner with the best. We want to thank you again for your sincere devotion to our project.”

Jon & Nichole Thompson

“My wife and I would like to thank you for making the building process completely stress free and a fun experience. What made the decision for us to build even more difficult was the fact that we were 350 miles away from the new home. We were concerned that being in Chicago would lead to problems. That was not at all the case. You made us feel like we were right there. Thank you for being available by telephone at anytime of the day and the several hundred pictures that you emailed to us on an almost daily basis.”

Lyle Whitton

“In my initial encounters with Mr. Roger Widing, I knew immediately this was going to be a pleasant experience, and I was right. During, after completion, and currently, I would not have even attempted such an undertaking, being a solo individual, had it not been for all the fine people I have met and long term friendships that I have formed.”

Jodie Warrick Konold

“Roger epitomizes the perfect builder. He was always eager and willing to please. His leadership allowed for the precise and skilled construction of our dream home. Roger’s sense of integrity and honesty was critical in executing a home of this magnitude. He is very trustworthy and was always willing to stand by whatever he had committed to with our project. Another test of a good builder is whether he will stand by his work after the home is completed. Roger has done that and then some. Our family highly recommends trusting Roger Widing to build your home.”

John & Jodie Formolo

“Your professional staff guided us step by step through the building process. From our first meeting when you presented your proposal, including the well organized book of specifications. Through the final walk through, we knew exactly where we were at all times; this includes the building time line through the incurred cost. We think that a special statement needs to be made concerning the craftsman that you chose to build our home. To a person they were professional and the quality of their work was excellent. They obviously take a great deal of pride in their work and they enjoy working for you, someone who appreciates their talent. Roger, with your expert guidance and eye for detail you were able to fashion our vision into a beautiful home on time and within budget. Thank you for a job well done.”

Nanette & Harold Renn

“Hello To Everyone Living in Northern Michigan and Beyond
Subject: Roger Widing Custom Homes of Traverse City, MI.
My wife Nanette & I simply love our newly constructed home in Beulah (stick-built 2″ x 6″ wood construction).  It is located on the East shore of beautiful Crystal Lake.  We moved in November 1, 2010.  The project was finished a full two weeks earlier than the original, scheduled completion date.  The workmanship speaks volumes about its many, many fine details!  The superb, quality trademanship is outstanding.
As they say at Widing Custom Homes:  “We build each home as if it were our own.”  And believe me, that is not just an old solgan.  It is fact.  I testify from experience.  Roger and Company did everything possible to act according to the Owner’s every wish.  The work progressed smoothly and without delay or interruption.  No haggling over base pricing or a change order. They aim to please.  And they did so!
Roger guarantees the end product for years beyond his competitors.  However, I know of no builder that can actually be classifed a true competitor.  Without a doubt, I believe that Widing Custom Homes equates the best Building Contractor within Michigan – or perhaps the USA .  All of his sub-contractors work with an expertise that well exceeds craftsman status.  They represent the proven excellence of experience combined with an avant-garde (advanced) format of construction technology.
Karen’s natural forte for managing the Office business is a first-class bonus.  Erin’s professionalism is greatly appreciated.  She regularly appraised the Owners of scheduled work and the status of various building budget line items.  When I had a question, Erin was always there to find the answer, with graciousness.  Thanks to our newest Best Friends @ Widing Custom Homes.  We enjoyed working with Real People.  Sincere people who know and do their jobs excellently.  Our most heart-felt thanks to Widing Custom Homes.”

Rob Becker

President, Cedar Crest Dairy Inc.

When we think back over last couple of years of putting together a plan to build our cottage, using Roger to build it, my wife and I want to say that working with Roger and his “right hand lady” Joni was the most pleasant organized experience that we could imagine. In any custom home there are many twists and turns, many change orders, ideas that come along or pop in your head, and Roger was just so easy to work with, never questioning or making you feel like your idea was not good. In fact he would be very honest and say “well, lets get with the architect, or the window company, or the mason, or electrician and find out and we’ll make it happen.” In the end he would say “wow Rob, your ideas were fantastic”.

The bottom line is if you want a General contractor that is on your site at 4:30 am on a Saturday in mid winter making sure his cover and heater is keeping your cement flat work from freezing, or you call him at any time and he picks up his phone, of you want someone who stays on schedule, has the total respect of his subs who when you talk to them about Roger they tell you “you have picked a great builder” and the vendors say the same, then you want Roger Widing Custom Homes to build your home. You will have a genuine friend for life who will always be there for you anytime you have a need or question, and has that gift to make you feel like you’re his only customer and nothing is more important than you.

Oh, did I mention the quality of his homes are over the top! Walk through them, take another builder friend you trust and they will be in awe of his attention to every detail and quality of everything he and his subs do. I truly thought I was witnessing artists build my home!

A C Doezema

Hi Roger,

To let you know, Lin and I aren’t the only ones who love the home you built for us, the people who are looking at the lot across the street wanted your name and number.
They have been debating whether or not to build and have not been impressed by the builders interviewed but renewed their faith in builders again when the saw our house. We had them in for a quick tour and love what you’ve done. You should be getting a call!

Thanks again,